African Savannah Trekkers has embraced the profound significance of communal sharing and giving back to the communities we are an integral part of. Our commitment extends across various sectors, focusing on uplifting lives and fostering sustainable development.


Recognizing the paramount importance placed by the Tanzanian government on education, we have directed our efforts towards supporting schools in rural and marginalized areas. Our educational initiatives are geared towards assisting disadvantaged individuals and communities, ensuring they have access to quality education.


Prioritizing healthcare, we extend our support to individuals within local communities who are in need of medical attention. By facilitating access to medical services through covering bills for those unable to afford them, we aim to bridge gaps in healthcare accessibility.

By actively engaging with local communities, African Savannah Trekkers endeavors to address economic and social challenges in Tanzania. Through partnerships focused on education, healthcare, women’s empowerment, and sustainable community development, we aim to make a tangible impact.

Our commitment extends beyond mere assistance; we strive to cultivate enduring relationships with local communities and government entities, recognizing them as vital partners in overcoming social and economic hardships.