Kilimanjaro Trekking Safaris

Embark on the ultimate adventure of a lifetime with African Savannah Trekkers as we guide you to conquer the majestic peak of Mount Kilimanjaro. Our expertly crafted Kilimanjaro climbing expeditions offer the perfect blend of challenge, safety, and unforgettable experiences, as you ascend through diverse ecosystems from lush rainforests to barren alpine deserts, culminating in a triumphant sunrise atop Africa’s highest point. With experienced guides, top-notch equipment, and a commitment to your safety and comfort, we ensure every step of your journey is meticulously planned and supported, allowing you to focus on soaking in the awe-inspiring vistas and forging lifelong memories. Join us for an exhilarating Kilimanjaro climb and make your dreams of summiting this iconic peak a reality.

6 Day Rongai Route
6 Day Marangu Route
7 Day Lemosho Route
6 Days Machame Route